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Cutting the Cord: A Cultural Connection.

Often, in the clinical environment surrounding birth, little significance is attached to the placenta and the moment the cord is cut. Usually performed quickly by the medical team, cutting the cord is a means to an end. Then the placenta, membranes and cord are treated as ‘medical waste’ and, unless prior arrangements have been made, disposed of with no ceremony… Read more →

Discovering Delayed Cord Clamping.

Before falling pregnant, delayed cord clamping, or just cord clamping of any kind, wasn’t something I was familiar with, or all that interested in. What I knew of birth was the script followed on pretty much every TV show.  Fast onset of labour, waters breaking on cue, lots of stomach gripping, screaming and exclamations of ‘the baby is coming’. Being… Read more →

The Birth Story of Ziggy Jay.

Positive birth, skin to skin, delayed cord clamping,  powerful, euphoric.  These were not common terms I associated with giving birth. Epidural, hospital, pain, emergency caesarean, haemorrhage, these were the words I was familiar with.  So you can see why, when I found out I was pregnant, the thought of giving birth terrified me. As I mentioned in an earlier post, everything I had… Read more →