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Cutting the Cord: A Cultural Connection.

Often, in the clinical environment surrounding birth, little significance is attached to the placenta and the moment the cord is cut. Usually performed quickly by the medical team, cutting the cord is a means to an end. Then the placenta, membranes and cord are treated as ‘medical waste’ and, unless prior arrangements have been made, disposed of with no ceremony… Read more →

Raising Ziggy: Bringing him Home.

AJ said something to me this afternoon that made sense. “Babe’ he said, ‘you haven’t actually written much about the raising of Ziggy, you know, a record of how we parent. Not that we are experts or anything, but we have managed to get him to five months without too many issues.” Read more →

Breastfeeding Ziggy: Mastitis is a Motherfucker.

There are few things lonelier than feeding at 2am, just you, your baby and a red, sore swollen boob that feels like someone’s sticking knives in it each time he latches on. The first time I got mastitis it came out of nowhere. I had no idea what it was. I had heard of mastitis, sure, that was something cows got,… Read more →