Information sharing is not parent shaming.

This post has been in my head for ages. It’s something I think about all the time, (probably because I’m on social media way too often) but it’s also something that I struggled to write about. Possibly because I’ve suffered a bit of writers block recently, but also because it can be such an emotion inducing topic.  Read more →

Soul Slings Full Buckle. Wrap Conversion, Cotton & Linen.

Soul Slings full buckle carriers have made quite a splash in the babywearing world. With affordable pricing and a massive range of funky prints and colours, they are fast becoming a recommended carrier when people ask ‘what carrier do I need’.  But, with so many fabric, print and pattern options, come the inevitable questions . . . ‘What is the difference?’ ‘Which… Read more →

Discovering Delayed Cord Clamping.

Before falling pregnant, delayed cord clamping, or just cord clamping of any kind, wasn’t something I was familiar with, or all that interested in. What I knew of birth was the script followed on pretty much every TV show.  Fast onset of labour, waters breaking on cue, lots of stomach gripping, screaming and exclamations of ‘the baby is coming’. Being… Read more →

15 month sleep . . . improvement?

Oh my god I think we’ve made it. I Think. I’m a bit scared to write this post to be honest – I feel like the parenting sleep gods are going to read this and say ‘ha, you think you’ve made it out the other side lady? You just wait’. Read more →